Full Circle is cast

The Maiden comes to bring us light!
The Winter dies, and all is bright!
The frozen ground shall disappear –
And all shall sprout, for Spring is near!

Pick up a besom and moving slowly deosil around the inside edges of the circle, ritually sweep it clear of all that which is old, useless and unnecessary and saying

With this besom filled with power
Sweep away the old and sour
Sweep away the chill of death
As Winter draws its last cold breath
Round, round, round about
Sweep the old and useless out!

Place a white candle in the centre of your circle, light the candle and say

Thus we melt the Winter!
And warm the breath of Spring!
We bid adieu to what is dead,
And greet each living thing.
Thus we banish Winter!
Thus we welcome Spring!

Dearest Brigid, Maiden of all that is fresh and new, we warmly thank you for attending our Rite of Imbolc.

As this Circle is dissolved, we ask that you guide us in our new beginnings and inspire us with the fresh creativity that you bring to all life

Ground Your Energy