The Goddess

It is important to witches that everyone finds their own way of worshipping or not worshipping.

Worship of the Goddess means:

  • Following your own path
  • Freedom from fear
  • Freedom from dogma
  • Seeking the Spirit
  • Celebration of Life and all living things
  • Balance

Worship of the Goddess encourages us to develop our own personal power, to evolve an awareness of other dimensions and to understand that the spirit infuses all things. It teaches us to respect all life, to follow our own inner path and gives us direct experiences of the Divine in the world and an awareness of cycle, celebration, ritual and magic.

The Goddess is not judgmental and does not reject but embraces all as part of her process. Her gifts to us are acceptance for who and what we are.

Aspects of the Goddess
Maiden Mother Crone
Spring Summer Winter
Waxing Moon Full Moon Waning Moon
Independence Creation / Creativity Wisdom / Death
Challenge Nourishment Reincarnation
Imbolc Summer Solstice Yule