The Goddess Quan Yin

The Goddess Quan Yin is my patron goddess.

She is the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, a motherly figure said to bestow children on the faithful, protect those at sea, protect all children and be there for anyone in need of her compassion and love. She hears all prayers.

Legend says Quan Yin, was originally a princess, having forsaken marriage, lived her life in a convent much to her father’s anger and distrust.

She was a Buddhist Bodhisattva (a mortal who has achieved enlightenment and earned the right to enter Heaven or Nirvana), and when at the gates of Heaven, she heard someone on Earth cry, and so turned back, vowing that she would stay on Earth to do all she could to ease our suffering. She would not enter Heaven until everyone could go there with her.

You do not have to be a buddhist to invoke her into your life. It need not be elaborate, just what ‘feels’ right for you.

It is said to have a Kuan Yin picture or statue in your house brings good luck and protection to the household and family.