The God

The God is the sun, endless rising and setting. He shows us pathways to the spirit through change and rebirth. His journey is paralleled by the annual journey of the sun.

The God is a tender of wild animals, and Lord of The Hunt. His horns are symbols of male potency, strength and protection, a salute to the moon.

He is the consort to the Goddess. They are equal and one, niether higher nor lower than the other.

The God is born at Yule, is young and phallic at Imbolc, mates with the Goddess at Spring Equinox or Beltane and then takes his place by the side of the pregnant Goddess as consort and protector.

At Lammas the sacrifice of the God as Corn king fertilises the land. At Autumn Equinox the God returns from the underworld to reclaim the goddess and she reigns beside him in the Underworld at Samhain.

Eventually the god is released in to the transcendent, as his son, born at Yule.